3rd Management Committee meeting Zagreb, Croatia (online)


The 3rd Management Committee meeting is scheduled for October 6th. Even though we planned to organize the MC meeting together with the Working Groups meeting in Tübingen, Germany, due to the unforeseeable circumstances associated with COVID-19 pandemics, the MC decided to organize the MC meeting online, one week before the meeting in Tübingen. Therefore, it will be organized fully online via the ZOOM platform.

Only participants with invitation and ZOOM link will be able to join. Please download the ZOOM and create an account, if you already do not have one. It is recommended for those who will present/share their screens, to update their ZOOM to the newest version.
Please note that only MC members are invited to the MC meeting and only in case MC member is unable to attend, the MC substitute will be invited.
The meeting agenda will be posted here and sent to the participants shortly.

Please contact the Grant manager, Morana Jarec (morana.jarec@inantro.hr) if you have any questions.