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Completed: Working Group 4 (From Past to Present) Training School on valorization of Neanderthal heritage through the creation of cultural routes

September 27th – 29th 2021
Gallery of the Archaeological Museum Zagreb, CROATIA
Deadline for application: September 5th 2021

COST Action Integrating Neandertal Legacy: From Past to Present – iNEAL (CA19141) and its Working Group 4 (From Past to Present) are organizing a Training School on valorization of Neanderthal heritage through the creation of cultural routes. Training School will be organized at the Gallery of the Archaeological Museum Zagreb, Croatia, from September 27th – 29th 2021. We want to thank our Action member and WG4 Leader, Sanjin Mihelić, Director of the Archaeological Museum Zagreb, for organizing the Training School!

The Training School is designed as a capacity-building endeavour aimed at bringing together an international team of ECI and PhD students around a key task of WG 4 – creation of cultural routes. The School is organized as a three-day event which involves lectures, discussions, workshops and a field trip with on-site presentations. Day one is dedicated to lectures: following the introduction, the five trainers will address key topics relevant for different aspects of development of cultural routes dedicated to Neanderthal heritage. The latter part of the day is dedicated to intensive discussions. Day two is composed of a field trip to two heritage sites in order to familiarize the trainees with the basics and practicalities of archaeological resource management from the aspects of the heritage sector on the one hand and hospitality industry on the other. The field trip involves a full-day onsite training. The final day is dedicated to capacity-building workshops in which the trainees will demonstrate their acquired knowledge, skills and capacities in setting vision and objectives for their projects, planning, marketing, stakeholder management and other topics pertaining to the development of cultural routes.

To apply, please fill out the application form and send it to Sanjin Mihelić (smihelic@amz.hr) and Jacqueline Balen (jbalen@amz.hr), no later than September 5th 2021. Only 15 applicants will be approved. The decision will be sent to all applicants on September 6th 2021, including further instructions for successful applicants.

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