Stakeholder onsite meeting at Vindija Cave, 20 May 2022


On 20 May 2022 iNEAL Action organized a field trip to Vindija Cave to meet the relevant stakeholders and jointly discuss the operational issues regarding the immediate protection of the cave and its deposits, as well as the broader mid- and long-term management goals for this outstanding site.

The thirteen participants at the meeting represented a total of ten different stakeholder organizations, namely: Donja Voća Municipality, Priroda Nature Protection Agency, Varaždin Municipal Museum, Conservation Department Varaždin of the Ministry of Culture and Media, Direction for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Department of Archaeology of the Faculty of Humanities of Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb, Institute for Anthropological Research in Zagreb, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

There is a common understanding by the participants at the onsite meeting that all those present are stakeholders interested in the protection and preservation of the cave, and subsequently in various forms of its valorization – which also entails the need to assume the responsibility to act in the interest of achieving these goals, which will be done through an open and constructive cooperation and with quality and regular communication.

Discussed topics include the repair of the damaged fence at the entrance to the cave; placement of a board with the inscription “No unauthorized entry into the cave” (or similar); regular patrolling of the cave; the idea to place a camera to monitor the access to the cave.  The team checked the state of the profile in the interior of the cave – the archaeologically, paleontologically and geologically most significant and important part of the cave, and discussed the options for its protection and preservation.