WG3: Molecular data

WG 3 leader: Ron Pinhasi (Austria)

WG 3 substitute: Daniel Fernandes (Austria)

This group will bringtogether primarily (but not exclusively) scientists involved with aDNA studies to discuss the daily growing genetic and genomic ancient DNA datasets and studies allowing members of WG to detect relevant issues that are complementary with goals described in RCO1, RCO2 and pursued by WG 1 and WG 2.

Task 3.1. Exchange knowledge and research experience on molecular data related to Neandertals from various sites and countries

Task 3.2. Creating a data sharing platform related to molecular data

Task 3.3. Sharing and uploading information on molecular data with links to freely available raw data sets and other relevant research to a data base sharing platform

Task 3.4. Proposing input on genomic aspects relevant for completion of tasks described in WG 4

  • WG 3 members:
  • Ivor Janković (Croatia)
  • Johann Galdies (Malta)
  • Liran Carmel (Israel)
  • Andrei Dorian Soficaru (Romania)
  • Dragana Šnjegota (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Martin Kuhlwilm (Germany)