WG1: Fossil data

WG 1 leader: Katerina Harvati (Germany)

WG 1 substitute: Sorin Hermon (Cyprus)

This group will consist primarily (but not exclusively) of paleoanthropologists that will discuss fossil evidence from Europe relevant to iNEAL action objectives (primarily Neandertals, butalso other relevant evidence, such as Pleistocene fossils that predate and postdate Neandertal presence in Europe). Each member of the working group will gather all relevant data from their respective countries, thus contributing to the overall goal of creating relevant and up-to-date datasets. Such information will provide a basis for detecting issues of interest for iNEAL Action goals.

Task 1.1. Exchange knowledge and research experience on fossil data related to Neandertals from various sites and countries

Task 1.2. Creating a data sharing platform related to fossil data

Task 1.3. Sharing and uploading information on fossil data in their geographical and temporal settings including all relevant literature and references to a data base sharing platform

Task 1.4. Proposing input on Neandertal evolutionary aspects relevant for completion of tasks described in WG 4

  • WG 1 members:
  • Johann Galdies (Malta)
  • Jean-Luc Voisin (France)
  • Anna Degioanni (France)
  • Tamas Hajdu (Hungary)
  • Stefano Benazzi (Italy)
  • Irka Hajdas (Switzerland)
  • Andrei Dorian Soficaru (Romania)
  • Patrik Semal (Belgium)
  • Ivor Janković (Croatia)
  • Ella Been (Israel)
  • Predrag Radović (Serbia)
  • Carolin Röding (Germany)
  • Timothy Ryan (USA)
  • Owen Alexander Higgins (Italy)
  • Costantino Buzi (Italy)