The European neanderthal Route Initiative

Developing the Neaderthal Route through the iNEAL Network

Neandertals – First masters of Europe

O iNEAL Akciji (Subterranea Croatica)

Creation of Cultural Routes

Publication on creation of cultural routes by the Danube’s Archaeological landscapes in which the second part is dedicated to the creation of the European cultural route on Neandertal heritage, in accordance to the MOU of the iNEAL COST Action

Ice Age Europe Magazine

Info on our action has been published in the Ice Age europe Magazine, one of the major publications dealing with prehistoric Europe, aimed at activities related to prehistory for the museum professionals and interested public, including managers of heritage sites and museums, students of archaeology and earth sciences, funders and academic institutions.

Večernji list

Večernji list Special

Info on out iNEAL COST Action has been published in the Večernji List Special dedicated to Neandertals. Večernji List os one of the major newspapers in Croatia and this Special has been sold in over 8000 copies.